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Step Out in Taiwan Adventures

Step Out In Taiwan

If you are into outdoors and adventure then come to Taichung, hop on a scooter and join in the fun. Go tandem paragliding, mountain hiking, kayaking at Sun Moon Lake, river ascending/hiking, waterfall picnics, natural hot springs,and camping. Enjoy a mountain top BBQ while under an electric sunset. We will make a weekend of it for you. Or you can tailor the activities to your needs. Take it to the edge or chill out and relax. It's up to you! If you are like me, I'm sure you have been on a tour before, and while you're staring out the window every now and again you see something that catches your eye. As you are about to stop, you realize you're on a bus. Most of the time I tell my self I'll come back and explore, but the reality is, it doesn't happen. That's where scooter tours come in.

Tandem Paragliding


Taiwan FAA regulations 



entrance and pick up from landing

 A good pair of ankle boots or at least a pair of sneakers for your foot ware.


20 mins


30 mins

Want to experience taking the controls? speak to the pilot for arrangements.


Warning. Paragliding is a sport that relies on good flying weather. Flights are not always garenteed.In the case of a short flight of less than 10 mins. A refund will be offered. 

Mountain Top


BBQ's,Bar, Kitchen,Pig on spit,shower/loo.

Daily site fee of 50 nt

Camping fee of 500 nt per day

River Hikes

insurance, transportation,hiking booties (non slip shoes),backpacks and water included. hikes last from 1.5 to 4 hours

Groupe Rates.

4 people @ 800 nt

6 people @ 750 nt

8 people @ 700 nt

Things to bring:


Swim wear, towel, camera, sun tan lotion, for evenings mosqueto lotion, sneakers or hiking boots.


Head to Sun Moon Lake and spend a relaxing time paddling around on sea kayaks. These are 1 or 2 man flat bottom sea kayaks. For easy balancing and enjoyment.

2 people @ 1000nt each

4 and up @ 700nt each.

Waterfalls, Swimming spots, picnics

insurance,transportation, booties, backpacks and water

Groupe Rates

4 people @ 750 nt. pp

6 people @ 650 nt.pp

8 people @ 600 nt .pp



On this site you are going to discover just how much beauty and adventure Taiwan has really got to offer besides running the concrete maze of the cities. Our lifestyle up here in Puli has slowed down to an afternoon stroll in the park compared to the cities. This said,you will understand why we have time on our side to put together outdoor adventure packages.

Taiwan teacher's free classified. Living in Taiwan infomation

deposits in the amount of 30% of total must be paid in advance, for booking a reservation

For bookings and info contact..... Yuri, 0928 68 1454 out of Taiwan? +886 9 2868 1454.... for bookings and details